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Signing Up for a Study

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Discovery Of Potential Studies:


The best way to stay up to date with upcoming studies is with the use of the Study Scavenger App.  It's free and available on Apple and Android devices.  Download and start discovering new studies today!



Most clinics advertise for their studies in local newspapers, employment papers, radio commercials and TV commercials.  Most clinics also post their studies on their website.  Some clinics have a 24 hour recorded phone message. 


Most clinics advertise on a weekly basis and update their website as studies change.  It is important to call and sign up for a study as soon as you hear about it. 


Note that some clinics don't update their websites very often so it is best to always call as you have to call to sign up anyhow. 


The frequency of studies can vary widely.  Sometimes a clinic may have several studies in a month and sometimes only a couple.  


If you do a lot of studies or plan on, make friends with the other subjects.  Networking is probably the best way to learn of new studies.


Of course, the best place to get all of the clinic information is right here at Just Another Lab Rat!


Part 1 - Discovery Of Potential Studies

Part 2 - The Phone Screening

Part 3 - Further Explanation

Part 4 - Questions to Ask

Part 5 - Making an Appointment

Part 6 - Understanding the Risks










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