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Travel Information - Tips for spending the night afar


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Tips for spending the night afar

Tips for saving Money

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Tips for Spending the night afar:


I recommend staying at a hostel if your trying to save money on your accommodations.  Not every city with a clinic has a hostel.  See next section.


- Motel 6 is among the cheapest chain motels and most units are being renovated.  Some locations even have room service.  Ok, just a delivery company that advertises with Motel 6.  Many Motel 6's allow you to check in as early as 7:00 AM so you could conceivably stay for 29 hours if you check in at 7:00 AM and check out the next day at noon. This is based on location and availability of rooms.  I have not had any issues checking in early like 10 to noon on any day but no guarantees on early check in.  If you need a room on a weekly basis, Studio 6 by Motel 6 is their extended stay product.  You get a kitchen, dishes, pots, pans and linen so you can cook your own meals and save some money.  I've stayed at one a few times and it's much better than the cheaper weekly's which don't come with dishes and stuff.  However with being the cheapest national chain comes the cheap people who are not always savory!  If possible, check out the area before checking in.



- Priceline.com - I have actually used this many times to name my own price and have gotten some decent deals.  I mainly stick to the 2 and 2.5 star hotels and can get them for under $50 a night where the rack rate might be $80 or more.  Obviously the biggest downfall to bidding on a room is that you don't know where it will be until after you bid with your credit card and it has been accepted which means charged and no refunds.  Just be sure you know the area you choose.  Look for the tips like the price that the last bid was accepted for and don't waste your bid by bidding $10 bucks cause it won't happen.  They give you some indicators to help you out.  Also, no changes or refunds if you don't like the hotel they give you.  Keep in mind that many hotels require a deposit at check in for incidentals. 

 Click here to read my tips on bidding for a priceline hotel


- Hotwire - Similar in concept to priceline, if you take the Hotwire Hot Rate, you won't know what hotel you'll get until you book and pay but you will have the price which you can compare to the going rate.  Same restrictions apply, no changes or refunds. 


- For hotels that are near the clinic, call and ask if they have a rate for the clinic.  Also check what the regular rate is because, you know, sometimes the corporate and government rate is higher than the standard rate.  What's up with that?


- Avoid locations by an airport.  These tend to be higher than the rest of the town. 


- Make sure there aren't any major events which attract out of town visitors.  Of course you'll probably figure it out when you can't find a room or the rates are sky high or sold out. 




Hostels can be inexpensive alternatives to hotels and are geared primarily towards international travelers.  Most hostels offer bunk bed dormitory accommodations for around $20 to $25 a night.  Most are relatively safe.  Be sure to keep an eye on belongings and use lockers if available.  Most hostels have community kitchens available to cook your own food.  Most hostels will be inhabited with foreigners so a great way to experience other cultures without leaving your own. 


I prefer to stay with Hostelling International as it is nationally organized group and I can expect the same services at every HI I visit.  The Hostel Directory is also a good resource for finding non HI hostels.  In either case, I recommend calling the hostel to make reservations as you pay an extra fee to use the online reservation system and most times it doesn't work or is confusing.  Nothing beats talking to a human.  If you've never stayed at a hostel before, it is basically rock bottom accommodations.  You get a bed, usually a bunk bed in a room with several people.  There is a shared kitchen and some living space.  You can meet travelers from all over the world.  Most hostels range from $18 to $30 a night and there is usually a limit on how many nights you can stay during a particular period.  If you plan on staying more than 9 times a year, you should purchase a Hostelling International Member Card for $28 a year.  You get $3 off the nightly rate at over 80 hostels in the US and more than 4,000 across the globe. 


Hostelling International

My preferred hostel to stay at

Hostel Directory

Place to find all hostels

Hostelz Hostel directory


Other Options:

You may also try Couch Surfing which is a website for finding or offering a couch for a night or more.  It is recommended that you "verify" yourself which includes a minimum donation of $25 and only deal with verified members. 


Sleeping In Airports - Yes, there is a site about sleeping in airports!  Great resource guide with information and reviews from people like me who sleep in airports to save money.  Sometimes you just don't want to pay for a hotel when you have to fly out early or arrive at a clinic early. 





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