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Tips for Train Travel:  


Train as in Amtrak.  Once the premier way to travel during the glory days of the railroad but still a step up from riding the bus.  At least on the train, you can get a hot meal in the dining car, enjoy a spirit in the sightseer lounge or relax in the oversize coach seats.  They do have sleeping accommodations but they are very expensive and unless you have two people splitting the room, I'd probably pass.  Train travel is a great way to travel if you're not in a hurry. 


- Nearly all train routes except for a few on the east coast only run once a day.  Plan to arrive the day before.  Do not plan on arriving 2 hours before your screening or check in!  Amtrak trains are notorious for running late due to fact that they operate on leased tracks and do not have right of way. While service delays have significantly been reduced, they still occur.  And you never know when a freight train will derail causing all trains in the area to stop for 12 hours.



- Buy your ticket as soon as possible.  Amtrak tickets go up as seats run out.  Though you can buy tickets before departure, you run the risk of paying more due to seating availability.  Also, trains can sell out during the summer and during holiday periods.     


- Bring your own bottles of water or buy from the snack bar.  The free water they provide is warm and you don't know how long it's been in the tanks.  Drink 2 to 3 litters a day.  It can get warm on the train and you will get dehydrated.  Drink lots of water! 


- Bring a blanket or jacket.  While it's hot during the day, it can get chilly at night.  Blankets are $15 bucks on the train. 


- If you're cheap, bring your own meals, however, there is nowhere to heat anything up.  The snack bar and the dinning car are a little expensive.  Plan on spending $15 for lunch and $20 - $25 for dinner.  I do love their steak. 


- When you get on board, make sure you grab a seat with an electrical outlet.  On newer coach cars, every seat has one but on the older cars, only a few seats have one.  Avoid seats at the ends of the cars because the doors are loud and open and close every 5 seconds,


- Check the historical arrival times.  A good indicator of routes that chronically run late. 


- Since trains run 24 hours a day, arrival and departure times can be any time.  So keep that in mind when choosing to travel.  Again, trains can run late.  Not all stations are staffed or open overnight.





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