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Travel Information - Tips for saving money
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Tips for Saving Money:


We live in tough economic times where saving $8 dollars is like winning the lottery.  Here are some tips for saving money while traveling:


- Straddle your trips overnight.  This is not recommended if you are checking-in or screening in the morning but for pretty much any other time.  If flying and the airport is open 24 hours, camp out the night before if leaving in the morning or arrive late at night and camp out till morning.  Airports are relatively safe and if you bring a pillow and a small blanket, you should be alright.  You can often take a bus overnight.  Long-haul trains run all night.  A night spent traveling is a night you don't have to pay for a hotel.  Just keep a tight watch on your valuables! 


- Take public transit.  It is generally efficient and far cheaper than renting cars or taxis.  Just plan enough time and make sure you have all of the options figured out before hand. 


- Join loyalty programs at restaurants where if you buy x amount of meals you get one free.  Often times they will give you a freebie on your birthday and random specials throughout the year.  Some programs do have a fee to join but generally you get the fee back in the form of gift cards. 


- Take advantage of gift card bonuses.  These are primarily available around holidays where if you buy x amount of gift cards, you may get a 20 or 25 percent bonus.  Bonuses are usually only offered at restaurants.  Gift cards for restaurants, gas stations or Walmart are great to have on hand as they can usually be used at any location around the country. 



- Bring your grocery store savings card, it may work where you go.  There are three main grocers in the US but each one operates under regional banners.  Safeway, Supervalu and Kroger.  Each company operate several brands and if you have a savings card at one store, it can generally be used at other stores by the same company. 


- If you need something to do, look up free days for museums.  Many museums offer free admission periodically.  I enjoy going to the museum for a few hours but it's even more fun when it's free.  Unfortunately, more and more museums are only offering the free days to residents so double check that before heading over.


- Carpool.  This can be good and it can be bad.  It's best to carpool with people you know.  The problem is if you have four or five people carpooling from one city to another, chances are that not everyone will qualify so that means you may have to find your own way home.


- Eat out cheaper.  Many bars and restaurants offer happy hour specials which can be inexpensive food and drinks. Of course, don't drink before a screening or check in.  If you want to try a nice restaurant, lunch is usually less expensive when available.  Always ask if there are any specials.


- Pretty much all public libraries, coffee shops and many restaurants provide free wifi.  However, public wifi is not always safe so I recommend not using your credit or debit card to purchase things on an open network. 


- Pack lighter.  With all the fees for checked bags and even carry on, you should try to ensure you pack for the occasion.  Consider packing only the essentials and buying some clothes when you get to your destination.  Get cheap clothes at a thrift store or Walmart and if you don't want to carry them home, you can donate them back to a thrift store.  If I'm checking into a study, I usually wait til I get to the city to buy toiletries as I rarely check a bag. 






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